2 Shows July 31st!

Boy-oh-boy is summer zippin' right on bye! Next Saturday is the last day of July, and North Country and I are pulling double duty on shows that day! Here's the details: The first show will be at Starr Hill Winery (http://www.starrhillwinery.com/) in Curwensville, from 2 to 5 pm. Those of you who have joined us there before know what an absolutely AWESOME time we have at this event. Those of y'all who are gonna join us for the first time are in for a real treat! Bring your lawn chairs for an afternoon of music, wine tasting, and fun under the tent! Make sure you take the tour of the winery, and plan on a relaxing and enjoyable time on "The Hill"! The second show will be at MoJo's (http://clubmojosclearfield.com/) from 8 pm to midnight. I believe this will be the first time they've had a country music show at MoJo's. This should also be a blast, as they have a great stage for the performers and an atmosphere to socialize and have fun! If ya just can't get enough of us at Starr Hill (ha, ha), take a nap afterwards and join us at Mojo's for a double shot! For those of y'all coming to town for fair week, this would be a great day for you to join us at one of these shows (or both) and party with us! FINAL NOTE: Y'all have been AWESOME in support of my one minute video supporting the troops! I could still use some more hits to it, and if you haven't rated it yet, please put your cursor on the star (5!- LOL) and rate it. Still got about a week to go before the finalists are announced, but the more views I get, and the better the rating may sway the judges in my favor. To view and rate it go to http://www.hannity.com/videos. Right above the horizontal row of videos, on the upper left, you can click the tab for "Most Watched". Just go to the second page of the most watched and you'll see it there titled "The Unknown Soldier". If ya got a minute to watch, even if you've already done so, please do and also PLEASE PASS THIS ON!!!

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